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Nepalese Himalayan Association Scotland (NHAS) is a non-profit making, non-political and non-racial charity established in 2007 and was registered in Scotland in June, 2009 (Reg. SC040579). It was initially started by a handful of Nepalese living in Aberdeen. Over the years, NHAS has proactively involved as a philanthropic organisation. It has played substantial role in helping various projects in Nepal. The Nepalese community in Aberdeen has strengthened after its formation. NHAS has been instrumental in hosting various events at timely interval including Dashain, Teej and Tihar celebrations. The organisation emphasises in building a cultural bridge between the Scottish and the Nepalese communities and also acts as a mediator in maintaining traditional and cultural correspondence between Nepal and Scotland.


Nepalese Himalayan Association Scotland is governed by a set of policies and procedures. For more details, please see the pdf file.

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