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Cultural Activities and Gatherings 

The Nepali festivals are closely connected with diverse culture, tradition, and religion. We celebrate four main festivals, Dashain, Teej, Tihar and Christmas with great pomp and show within the community, reviving those memories of our motherland.


Interactions Programmes​

We believe that the frequency of events like these can enrich, entertain and encourage the community members. We managed to organise different programmes such as poetry recitation, cultural programs as well as interaction programs with experts on issues of education, socio-economic development and politics.


Humanatarian Aid and Assistance

Although, far away from Nepal, we still have strong affection and love for our motherland. We have been raising funds from the communities in Scotland to help people in need. We managed to collect over £15,000 for the Earthquake victims of Nepal in 2015.


National Participation 

NHAS has taken part in several cultural exchange and well-being programs organized by various organization in Aberdeen. These programs include, Celebrate Aberdeen Parade, International Mother Language Day, International Cultural Day and International Yoga Day. The key message is to show our presence and to contribute to the development of Aberdeen.


Support visits and Goodbyes

Nepalese Himalayan Association Scotland (NHAS)has organised support visits to bereaved families within the community in Aberdeen. Also, the NHAS shared goodbyes and good luck to outgoing families.


Nepali Language & Creative Workshop 

The project started in March 2014 and has been very popular among Nepalese community in Aberdeen. It is 3 year of continuous teaching which are fortnightly classes of 2 hours. Tremendous progress has been seen in all students particularly the young ones. This would not have been possible without their help and active involvement of volunteers.


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