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Welcome to Nepalese Himalayan Association Scotland

At a Glance

The Nepalese Himalayan Association Scotland (NHAS) is a non-profit making; non-political and non-racial charity established in 2007. It was registered in Scotland in June 2009. Over the years, NHAS has proactively evolved as a community organization. It has been playing substantial role in promoting language, creativity and culture in Aberdeen. The NHAS has been instrumental in hosting various events at timely interval including festivals of both Nepal and Scotland: Dashain, Teej and Tihar, and Christmas celebrations. The organization emphasizes in strengthening cultural ties between Nepal and Scotland as well as share and cherish the values of both the countries. 

Vision & Mission

The charity's vision is to protect and promote Nepali culture and language through community engagement. It's mission is to provide a forum for Nepalese community members living in Scotland. This enables them to exchange their ideas, celebrate their cultural and religious festivals to empower young ones in learning their mother tongue and exploring their creative potential through education, health and sports. The organisation emphasises in building acultural bridge between Scottish and Nepalese communities. It also acts as a mediator in maintaining traditional and cultural correspondence between Nepal and Scotland.

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